American Rapper,Business Owner,P.Diddy Is Allegedly Offering The H&M Child One Million Dollars Modelling Contract


P Diddy

P Diddy is reportedly set to reach out to the little boy at the center of the H&M ads which have caused such controversy. P Diddy has seemingly responded to the whirlwind of controversy sparked by the H&M ad which features a black child wearing a jumper with the slogan ‘Coolest monkey in the jungle’. It’s thought that he’s planning on hiring the little lad to model for his own brand, Sean John. It’s even thought there’s a $1mil contract on the table. There’s no word yet if the lad has accepted, and Diddy’s people refused to comment when approached but it would certainly be one heck of an outcome to the sh*tstorm caused by the controversy. Diddy also posted a picture of the boy with the caption reading ‘Coolest King in the world’. Multiple Twitter users addressed the brand, explaining that dressing a black child in a hoodie with this slogan was at best racially insensitive and at worst actively racist.



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