Davido’s BabyMama Sophia Momodu Got Trolled For Making This Instagram Post (Photos)


Sophia Momodu has taken to IG to do a push up AD for a store, but  people aren’t having it. Many are of the opinion that her Bosoms are flat and not pleasant to the eyes. While some said she should at least respect her baby daddy and family by not exposing herself in such a manner. Someone however got the attention  of many when he said, for someone expecting to marry her dream man, this is definitely not the way. Some also said they wonder how much she was paid, attributing the amount to peanuts..

She wrote on her instagram page;

“#ad Push-up season is finally HERE girls, and thanks to @sneakyvaunt I am soon ready to rock it. I’ve got a bunch of party invites this year, and tbh until I got my girls into this push-up, my outfit plans were missing a little something. No back, no straps, and all this cleavage was exactly what I needed👌Don’t just wear that dress this year, rock it – Hit up sneakyvaunt.com to get what you need to make it happen”

Also,she got trolled for making such a post, A Troll Post Below;

A instagram user @prettyxgirlswag_ commented on the above pic: “Cute, but delete. Flat chest showing and not nice dear”

Sophia Momodu was quick to let her know her comment is irrelavant as she’s making her money and feeding a 30BG baby.

“You’re just talking.. I’m counting my kpa & holla at me after you’ve breastfed a 30bg baby” Sophia responded

But the Instagram user wasn’t backing down just yet, she had to point out that Davido’s second baby mama, Amanda also breasfeeds, and her b**bs are firm.

“Well bye madam 30 billion gang breastfeeder. I wonder why mama hailey chest isn’t like this cus she also breastfed”, She replied.

See the exchange below:



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