Eight Years After The Togo Bus Attack Emmanuel Adebayor Pays Tribute To Those Killed And Injured


Three members of Togo’s party were murdered: Assistant cCoach Abalo Amnalete, Squad Spokesman Stanislas Ocloo And An Angolan Bus Driver – and nine wounded.

EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR has paid tribute to those who were killed and injured during the Togo team bus attack on the anniversary of the atrocity.

The 33-year-old shared a set of images of himself mourning after the massacre – eight years on from the incident.

 Emmanuel Adebayor pays tribute to those killed and injured during the attach of the Togo team bus eight years ago

The post was accompanied by a caption, which read: “SEA, Jan 8 2010-Jan 8 2018. Its now been 8 years since our TOGO team bus was attacked by terrorists in Cabinda.

 A distraught Adebayor is comforted after the attack

Speaking exclusively to Sunsport last January, Adebayor admitted the attack was hard to get over.

He said: “It was hard to bounce back after that”.

“I thought a lot about what had happened and I knew I could have been killed. But after a year or so I knew I had to move on and stop dwelling on the attack so I said to myself ‘you are still alive, so you have to keep working and enjoying yourself’ — and I have done that quite well”.


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