Nolly Actress And Producer,Omoni Oboli Becomes First Nollywood Producer To Have 5 Consecutive Blockbusters


Omoni Oboli sets record: Becomes first Nollywood producer to have 5 consecutive blockbusters

Actor and producer, Omoni Oboli is not new to filmmaking. From Being Mrs. Elliot,First Lady, Wives On Strike, Okafor’s Law and now to Wives on Strike Revolution, she has successfully cemented her place in the history books as the first female Nollywood filmmaker to have consecutively produced and marketed her movies into becoming hits at the cinemas.


Her latest effort, Wives on Strike Revolution follows up on the chronicles of the women’s fight against domestic violence after one of them was beaten to death by her husband. This leads to yet another strike, by the women against their husbands forcing their hands to stand up for what is right.


The movie opened to the public on December 29, 2017 has gone on to become the movie with the most favorable review at the currently. The record sales experienced in just one week has gone on to confirm that Omoni Oboli may have outdone herself this time.

Reviews have poured in from social media. Instagram users have taken the front roll in sharing their unsolicited reviews of the movie. We are still waiting to find a negative one from at least one of them. Here are some of the feedback online:

@crystal_o_c “It was a really beautiful movie. It struck the right balance between comedy and passing a very important message on domestic violence while also being aware of the cultural ideologies inherent in Nigeria. A must watch for everyone. Welldone Omoni Oboli”.


@JuwonOdutayo “I finally got to watch Wives on Strike Revolution, hilarious from beginning to the end. The creativity is weaving a powerful message with comedy without losing the essence of the story indescribable. Great job Omoni. That was a masterpiece”.


@mz.lade_ “Yes!!! I’m a living witness. If you haven’t watched, then you are on a long thing because Wives on Strike the Rovolution is the movie of the year. @AMVCAAwards Get in here. It made sense die. I enjoyed it. I laughed all through and cried at some point. How can one pass a good message in such a comedic way? You are a genius ma’am. God bless you ma”



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