About Us

No1 Sound Limited is a leading independent digital marketing and distribution company based in Lagos, Nigeria with presence all over Africa that enables artists and labels to release their music on revenue generating platforms whilst retaining ownership and control of their rights.

No1 Sound Ltd. is the trusted partner for more than 400 artists and labels.We are content managers for a lot of Nigerian and African  A-List artists.

No 1 Sound Limited empowers artists and labels to maximize the value of their music in the transitioning digital music space by providing them with a full suite of services: digital music and video distribution, digital marketing and promotion services, synchronization and neighboring rights management, full label services. The company prides itself on providing personal tailor made services for each label and artist.

No 1 Sound Limited leverages its network of professional and committed staff with local music industry and digital marketing experts to support its clients on a global basis. Championing innovation and transparency , No 1 Sound Limited has developed leading in-house technology as well as a range of analytical and promotional tools to help labels & artists leverage the benefits of online digital music streaming.

With today’s complex and ever-changing music landscape, our Sales and Marketing teams use their expertise and relationships to help separate your releases from the pack, offering dedicated pitches, programs and creative promotions to ensure maximum reach, awareness, and naturally, sales.

We drive visibility and sales at storefronts and streaming services, execute targeted online advertising and search engine optimization efforts and secure editorial features to introduce your music to new fans. Through live video streams, email capture, listening parties and more we bring fans into the fold, and give them the tools to bring their friends, too.

We’ll turn casual fans into super fans through social media programs, new technology partnerships, contests and online promotions that generate valuable fan interaction.

Together with you we create unique products that are tailored to your release strategies, from custom compilations and playlists to engaging direct-to-consumer campaigns and premium bundles. When we include bonus materials, exclusives, pre-orders and flexible pricing to that, you have all the tools you need to drive your sales.